Coming Out of Coronavirus..

How Could Hypnotherapy Help You?
The last year has presented us with challenges, no doubt about it.  You may be feeling elated, excited or nervous about the future as we start to unlock the country.  Many of us will have been worn down by the past year.  You might have heightened anxiety as you try to resume normal life.  You may have to face changes in your circumstances or deal with the mental and emotional fallout of a year of isolation.  You may have lost all willpower to control your weight, fallen back into smoking or be trying to correct the course of over-drinking or eating.  You may have lost loved ones and be struggling to grieve. There is no doubt that there has never been a time when getting help and support has been more necessary. I can offer video-call sessions to give support with issues and listen to your experiences and needs.  Together we will set the course for change, whatever it is you wish to address.  I will then create  a personalised recording for you to use at home.  You can start with a single session (including your recording) or a course of support sessions, depending on what you are working on and which therapies you choose.

A Bit About Hypnotherapy

The reason we hold onto habits, behaviours and feelings, even if we want to give them up, is because these behaviours are coming from your Subconscious Mind.  All the ‘conscious’  will-power in the world cannot touch the strong effect the subconscious can unknowingly have, creating cravings for cigarettes or unhealthy snacks, locking us into sleeplessness and worry, creating irrational or ovcewrwhelming fears. .  From worry and anxiety to depression and phobias, the impact on our lives is within the subcouncious mind and secret to controlling these feelings and compulsions is also within the subconcious.  That’s where Hypnotherapy works.  It works by changing the ‘script’ coming from the subconscious, so you can make changes more easily than you believed possible.
It is great for many things but with a focus on recovering from lockdown I am focusing on 3 main areas, offering a 10% discount to get you started towards the new you [just quote ‘newnormal’ when booking]
  • Lose that lockdown weight:
    It is proven that people who have hypnotherapy session to support an eating plan lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who don’t!   Go for it – this time it will work!
  • Confidence out in the world: Clinical hypnosis techniques provide a highly effective way to lower anxiety, increase confidence and develop feelings of wellbeing.  Whether you are getting ready to be confident in social situations or in getting back into work – Be your best self!
  • Living with loss.  A treatment package combining one to one sessions with a personal recording.  Will help you to process and manage living with grief and other losses.  This package may last over several sessions, to support you over time as you integrate the loss and learn how to bring yourself back to life’s challenges in a gentle and respectful way.

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D.L. Client, Newbury
[Treatment for loss of social confidence] “This was the first time I have experienced Hypnotherapy . I was pleasantly surprised.
I had 2 sessions, it was very relaxing but also really powerful – I feel so much better. If you haven’t tried it, I can definitely recommend it. I will definitely get back in touch with Anna if I have any problems in the future.”
AW: Client, Newbury
“I had struggled with weight control for many years and decided to try hypnotherapy . Since my session my attitude to food has changed and I have managed to achieve a significant weight loss. I believe the hypnotherapy session gave me the ability to stick to my new eating plan by helping me to believe in myself”

About Wellness in Mind

Wellness in Mind is a hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice based at Laurabella Health Spa in Kingsclere, about 4 miles from Newbury and 8 miles from Basingstoke.   We offer clinical hypnotherapy sessions based on your individual needs. We offer single sessions and packages for many issues including release from phobias and fears, anxiety, weight management, poor sleep, sport performance enhancement, giving up smoking, confidence building, motivation and body image.  We offer traditional clinical hypnotherapy as well as psychotherapy, NLP, Parts Therapy, EFT, Hypno-analysis and Free Association. All therapists and associates are fully qualified and insured.

We always design your therapy sessions with you in mind, tailored to your needs and personality, so the session will be exactly right for you. We will discuss your treatment goals with you and advise on the best approach to use.  This is what makes one to one hypnotherapy more effective than more generic approaches found in CDs, online or ‘out of the book’ offerings.

Whether you are new to Hypnotherapy and lookingto tryitfor the first time, or have previous experience, please contact us  to discuss you treatment goals.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. So, if you are thinking about using hypnotherapy to support a change in your life, we can help you to decide if our approach and practice is right for you.

Appointments are available
Monday 4pm – 7pm
Tuesday 9am – 7pm
Wednesday 9am – 12.30pm
Thursday 9am-12pm
(Some appointments are available outside these hours by arrangement)

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