What is Regression?

What is Regression?

People often think that ‘regression’ refers to exploring previous lives – but within hypnotherapy I find that working with your current life is much more useful!

Using hypnosis to recover information from your past or from an earlier time or age can be very useful.   People often come to me wondering why they feel the way they do about particular things or situations.  We call this ‘triggering’ and it can happen when some similarity to a previous event enters the subconcious and it ‘triggers’ feelings from the original event.  An example would be that a person was wearing a red jumper when they were involved in an accident – the colour red can become associated with the traumatic feelings about the event.  Then, if the person is in a state of stress already and sees the colour red, they can find themselves re-experiencing some of those old, intense emotions.  They may not even be aware of what is happening, they simple experience the anxiety, even have an anxiety attack!

For some people, understanding why and when something happened in your past can be a powerful part of preventing it affecting your present. Regression can offer a solution for these people.  Moreover, hypnosis can ‘undo’ or reprogramme the subconcious mind to let go of the trigger, removing it so it no longer affects the person in their present day.  It might help you find out where a particular phobia began, why certain things make you feel uncomfortable or even who may have given you negative messages in the past that may still affect your self-esteem in the present day.  Once the associations are understood and broken you can be free of the shackles of the past and ready to go forward.

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