Weightloss Synergy Open Session

Weightloss Synergy Open Session

Come and find out more about this innovative approach to weight management.

Combining Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy we treat the mind and body.

Weds 25th March
5.30 – 7.00 pm
Laurabella Day Spa
Call 01635 291211 to reserve a place

Are you struggling to lose weight but your body and mind are working against eachother?
We felt it was time for something new, something that made weight loss as easy and natural as it should be, a package that addresses body and mind. There are some key elements to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. We already know that a positive mindset and motivation are key to success but did you also know that you can be held back by factors such as food intolerances, unbalanced body systems and deficiencies in nutrition? Our aim is to ensure you get a powerful package of therapies that address the mind and body together, to ensure you have the greatest chances of weight-loss success.
Anyone can lose weight if the body and mind are in tune with each other towards a common goal.

Using Hypnotherapy and NLP you will:

  • Reprogramme your subconscious mind to work for you, so you stick to your goal and follow the ideal weight loss plan for your body for longer.
  • Understand the ‘story’ of you and your weight.
  • Free yourself from ‘emotional’ eating patterns.
  • Increase your enjoyment of healthy foods.
  • Be able to stick more easily to eating plans.
  • Strengthen your power to make changes.
  • Maintain your motivation.
  • Feel more confident and positive about yourself and about life.
  • Enjoy your successes.

Using Kinesiology you will:

  • Undergo food intolerance testing to find out if certain foods are working against your weight loss.
  • Understand how calories work and how all calories are not created equal.
  • Find out which fats make you healthy and which lead to weight gain.
  • Check the adrenal system and ensure hormones are balanced (so they no longer bind fats around the belly area).
  • Work with the digestive system so you digest and eliminate foods and avoid toxin build up.
  • Identify supplements to detox your body and support optimal health.

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