Weight Loss Synergy Package

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There are some key elements to achieving maintaining an ideal weight.  We already know that your mindset is a strong indicator of success but some people are unknowingly held back by other factors such as food intolerance, unbalanced body systems and deficiencies in nutrition.  I have joined forces with Peri Kureyhan-Cummings, an experienced Kinesiologist,  to bring you Weight Loss Synergy.  Our aim is to ensure you get a balanced package of therapies that address the mind and the body together, to ensure you have the greatest chances of weight-loss success.

There are many factors that affect weight gain or loss; what we eat, what we avoid eating, our mindset, willpower, self-image, belief, motivation, levels of activity and many more. We have so much information about how to lose weight it is easy to become overwhelmed and disillusioned as each new diet ends up back in the same place you started – or even further back. We felt it was time for something new, something that made weight loss as easy and natural as it should be, as we become more healthy.

Using Kinesiology, Perin will

  • Test for intolerant food which can keepthe toxins stuck in the body and cause inflammation.
  • Check the digestive system to make sure absorption and elimination are done thoroughly.
  • Look at your endocrine system to see if the hormones are balanced and that you arenot on ‘fight or flight’ response all the time.
  • Find the right supplements for you, so your body is in a healthy state all throughout the programme and beyond.

Using Hypnosis, Anna will

  • Help to better understand and change the picture of your ‘emotional’ eating.
  • Strengthen your positive power to change.
  • Imprint your subconscious mind to stick effortlessly to your goal and follow the ideal plan for your body.
  • Maintain your motivation and enjoy your successes.After 3 months we will offer a check in session with both therapists to keep you motivated.

Our Holistic Approach

Kinesiology sees the body as a whole, and coming from a point of view that one body system affects the other. We look at each system and find the connections between them, we get a better picture about how your body is currently working, identifying issues that might be contributing to the weight gain.  For example the enochrine or hormonal system willhave an effect of how we eat, why we eat and what we eat. Imbalance in or between the body systems can have profound effects on health, day to day or over a lifetime. Kinesiology seeks to balance the body and allow its wisdom to prevail.  But the body is only part of the picture. Did you know that only 5% of your mind’s power is conscious?  The power of the subconscious mind to change the way we think, feel and behave is like a vast untapped resource that informs everything we are, even if we are unaware of it every day. Hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious to support you in effortlessly changing unwanted or outdated thoughts, habits and behaviours.  Using hypnotherapy, many people have found themselves freed from limiting beliefs or anxiety.  They become able to choose healthier more slimming food easily and are more motivated to do the things which ensure weight loss. Feel more confident, like yourself more and achieve the goals you have set for yourself, whether it is weight loss, moving more or feeling more of a sense of wellness, all with the minimum of effort. You just relax and enjoy.  Working with body and mind together we increase your chances of success and, of course, you get treated as the whole person you are.

The package, delivered over 8-12 weeks, consisting of 5 sessions of kinesiology and 5 full hypnotherapy sessions (plus discounts on self-hypnosis recordings for use at home).  There is a closed facebook group so that you can share the experience and we can supply exclusive content throughout the programme, such as weekly  peptalks and podcasts.  The whole programme is £600, saving you over £65 on individually booked components 

…Be your best self.

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