Trish Cripps DPH

As a therapist I am particularly interested in supporting those who wish to improve their mental wellbeing and make changes to behaviours that no longer serve them. I offer  hypnotherapy where clear goals can be met but also hypnoanalysis/psychotherapy to explore issues and their causes for clients with a more generalised sense of low mood, low self esteem or anxiety where the cause is not clear and clients wish to explore and understand their issues in a safe, supportive environment.   I trained at the Royal Berkshire College of Hypnotherapy and gained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.  My journey started with a professional background as an influencer in the corporate world but ‘jumped ship’ to become qualified in advanced health and social care before eventually training to be a hypnotherapist, joining the Wellness in Mind practice in 2018.


For bookings with Trish please contact me directly on 078999 54242
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