Testimonials from clients

(Treatment for lost confidence)
I had 2 sessions with Anna, it was very powerful – I feel so much better.
I will definitely get back in touch if I have any problems in the future.
I would like to thank you for your help .

DL: Newbury

I went to see Anna to try and reduce the amount of alcohol I was drinking, having got into bad habits.  After the session I found that I was simply less interested in drinking and was not interested to drink as much when I did.  I know that, if it creeps up again I have found something that can help me keep my habits within a healthy amount

Name witheld: Newbury

This is the first time I have experienced Hypnotherapy . I was pleasantly surprised. I have felt better since the session and hope that it will last.

David: Newbury

It’s been 3 months since I first had hypnosis for weight loss.  It was obvious that some lifestyle and habit changes would achieve my weight loss goal.  So that’s what has happened with a significant increase in healthy choices.  It’s still going great and I am still feeling motivated and positive.  I have top ups and a personalised recording which keep me on track.  I am confident I will acheive my goal with the help of this hypnotherapy, the experience of hypnosis is really lovely, I feel so great and relaxed after a session – I always want to stay longer!

Karen: Kingsclere

I had a hypnosis session to help with my Bruxism (teeth grinding) which was causing awful face pain and sleepless nights.  I had tried everything and came as a last resort.  After the really relaxing, pleasant session, I then listened to the personalised MP3 recording provided, each night before going to sleep for about 2 weeks.  The pain and sleep improved!  I also realised, from the session, that I had a number of life choices that were stressing me out inside and I found myself also making some changes in my life that made me feel more authentic to myself.  Powerful stuff

Liz Arnold

I booked a session with Anna for weight management.  The session was personalised for me and I was really impressed with the results. I opted to have the personalised CD version of my session which is well worth it as I can repeat the session if and when I want.  I am losing weight and delighted with the result.

Anne – Newbury

The initial session, before the hypnosis session, was really useful to consolidate my goals and to personalise the session just for me. Although I initially went to reduce my weight I also found that the session worked almost immediately to remedy my insomnia.  I have started sleeping right the through the night and I haven’t done that in years!  Totally recommend it!


I went to see Anna for help with  giving up vaping. I found Anna very easy to talk to and she helped me feel relaxed and at ease straight away. In the Parts Therapy session she helped me to understand the different conflicting thoughts in my head about smoking/vaping which was really helpful. I would definitely recommend Anna.
Lyndsay Heath