Retraining the subconscious

Retraining the subconscious

Now we know that weight loss Synergy is about changing your mindset towards what you eat and when you eat..but sometimes the subconscious mind might throw a saboteur into the way.  This is when we can learn to intervene and use the hypnosis NLP techniques you will be learning with us to take control of your subconscious mind more and more.  Over time you will train those unhelpful urges to expect love and respect, rather than a sugary food.  When we get into a positive loop then we can achieve.  We literally ‘get out of our own way’ and relax, no longer a slave to our emotions and cravings.  By learning what the subconscious is really craving, and supplying it, we remain calm and feel good.  Positive leads to more positive, but negatives leads only too…well you get the idea!

So remember to send yourself some love every day, remind yourself that you are enough, say it out loud, write it on the mirror, put it on the fridge!  And keep picturing that new you that you are letting out!


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  1. No truer words spoken! I’m sure many factors draw me to uncontrolled eating…ie eating whatever is in the cupboards or fridge depending on my day! I had all the tools when I was younger to not do this. Anna is re-stocking my empty tool bag and I feel so much more like the old me.

    Thank you Anna

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