Hypnosis for Weight loss – The Research

Hypnosis for Weight loss – The Research

Research clearly shows that people who have hypnotherapy alongside weight loss programmes are more successful, staying motivated for longer and losing more weight over time than those who attend diet clubs or follow only the programme.  It has even been proven that hypnosis alone can achieve significant weightloss results with just 2 sessions.

Diets clubs can be a fantastic way to share your weightloss journey.  They are a big investment of time and cash so you want to make sure they work!..The trouble is, if you want to lose more than a few pounds you need to keep going.  Staying motivated and not ‘falling off the waggon’ is key to success.  Short term sucess can be ruined by relapses and regaining weight, making you feel disheartened.

It is noticeable that the best results for weightloss over time are achieved by clients who have hypnosis in addition to following a weight loss programme.  The weightloss doesn’t happen over night but after a year, regardless of what the client has done they alway lose some weight.  The most successful weightloss can be seen in those who sign up for weight loss support after kick-starting things with hypnosis.

Clients often come to me to try hypnosis, because they feel that they have tried many diets and they haven’t worked or they feel clubs don’t work for them.  After hypnosis client report that they feel that they stick to the club plans much more easily and even when they don’t attend for a few weeks, or follow the plan to the letter, they still find their eating habits have changed.  One client who would always have ‘time off’ and eat what she wanted on holidays, found she wasn’t interested to eat lots of cakes and ice-cream or fattening coctails and only gained a single pound in 2 weeks away.  People receiving hypnosis report feeling that the dieting plan is ‘easier’ and that they feel more motivated as well.

The research shows that those adding hypnosis to their weightloss journey lose an average of 5-8lbs more than those who don’t, sustaining and continuing with the weightloss after a year.  The results may not happen immediately – hypnosis can’t ‘make you magically lose weight overnight’ but it can change beliefs and behaviours that are keeping the weight from coming off –  This means that you will lose weight naturally over time, changing your eating habits and reaping the rewards.

All this fits with what we know from scientific research into weight loss with hypnosis.

So why not give it a try – what have you got to lose?

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