Hypnosis for Weightloss: Get the “Adele Effect”

Hypnosis for Weightloss: Get the “Adele Effect”

Hypnosis for Weightloss: Get the “Adele Effect”

You may have read in the news recently how Singer Adele has lost weight using hypnosis. Well you don’t have to be a rockstar to have the same! Of course it was her ability to stick to her reduced calorie healthy eating plan too, but here’s why you should consider hypnosis for your weight loss journey.

Research shows how hypnosis increases your ability to stick to a healthy diet plan by 400% . Scientific studies show that people who use hypnotherapy sessions, alongside a healthy eating plan, stick to it longer than those who don’t, feel more positive about their plan and keep the weight off longer. In the trial, the non-hypnosis group had gained back the weight after a year, but those who had hypnosis kept it off. This is unsurprising because the secret of dieting is to change the thinking and habits that make us gain weight in the first place, changing our ‘subconscious programming’ so we no longer reach for the sweets and snacks – and that’s what hypnosis does.

Sometimes we enjoy food for celebrations and treats. Sometimes eating sweet and fatty foods is comforting. When we eat because we feel angry, unhappy, lonely or unappreciated it may provide a quick fix but it also makes us gain weight and we can end up feeling worse. So, we need to make a difference to a range of beliefs to conquer these ‘diet gremlins’

This is where the power of hypnosis comes in. Through Hypnosis and therapy we will change the cycle and life-story of your weight loss and gain, we can reprogram your subconscious so you are free from the emotional ‘hole’ inside you that you have been trying to fill with food so you feel better about yourself and live a healthier slimmer life…for life.

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