Are you “Eating your feelings”?

Are you “Eating your feelings”?

Weight Loss: All in the Mind?

During the open evening we agreed that there are many reasons that we don’t stick to good weight management behaviours (yes, I’m talking about the cake relapse)

One thing we mentioned was emotional or ‘comfort’ eating (I learned a new word “Hangry” – eating because you are angry) There’s no getting away from the association of food and nurture or the eating habits we learn as children – especially if our carers used food when we showed our feelings. Through the programme we will be adopting natural feel-good ways to manage those ‘crunch moment’ emotions so you no longer feel compelled to reach for the sugary or stodgy foods.  It is important for us all to be able to comfort ourselves when we are sad, calm ourselves when angry or reassure ourselves when afraid in healthy and effective ways.

Grease Lightening…

The gap between the feeling and the urge can be so fast that we don’t even realise the feeling is there before the craving kicks in.  A really useful thing we will be learning is how to relax and slow down, feel the feelings and identify what they are and then use more healthy skills to resolve these ’emotional spikes’.  So this discussion is about sharing the healthy ways we can use those moments to learn more about caring for ourselves and our emotions.  Remember this is just about what works for you, no matter how daft or strange it might be!

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  1. I use the HALTT technique…when I get a craving I ask myself “Are you Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? Troubled? It slows me up so I can consider what is going on in the ‘lighting gap’. I have it on my fridge!

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