Be Your Best Self with Hypnotherapy

Wellness in Mind is a hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice based in Kingsclere, about 4 miles from Newbury and 8 miles from Basingstoke* within the award winning Laurabella Health Spa.   We offer clinical hypnotherapy sessions based on your individual needs. We offer single sessions and packages for many  issues including release from phobias and fears, anxiety, weight management, sport performance enhancement, giving up smoking, confidence building, motivation and body image.  We offer traditional clinical hypnotherapy as well as NLP, Parts Therapy, EFT, Hypno-analysis and Free Association. All therapists and associates are fully qualified and insured.

We always design your therapy sessions with you in mind, tailored to your needs and personality, so the session will be exactly right for you. We will discuss your treatment goals with you and advise on the best approach to use.  This is what makes one to one hypnotherapy more effective than more generic approaches found in CDs, online or ‘out of the book’ offerings.

Whether you are new to Hypnotherapy or have previous experience, please contact us  to discuss you treatment goals.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. So, if you are thinking about using hypnotherapy to support a change in your life, we can help you to decide if our approach and practice is right for you.

Insomnia Rescue - Special Package Offer

Hypnosis is a fantastic way to improve your sleeping pattern

Insomnia or poor sleep affects over half of all adults in the UK.
This package, consisting an initial diagnostic session, an hour hypnotherapy session and a personalised MP3 sleep hypnosis recording to listen to at bedtime is designed for people who are troubled by broken or poor quality sleep, or who find it hard to fall asleep. The hypnosis will enable your mind to let go of wakeful stress easily and to allow a deep natural sleep which leaves you refreshed. The recording acts as an invaluable tool to aid sleep and to top up the effects of the hypnotherapy session over time.

Only £100


Weight Loss Synergy - Ready for Summer?

Body and mind holistic programme

Combined Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology Programme –  full body and mind support for weight management

“It’s changed my life..I feel amazing” (Sue  – WLS client)